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Navigation widget: Grid map.

Amsterdam Hotspots

Gridded overview map rare example of non-sequential panning.

Overview-detail interfaces present multiple views of a map where the detail window shows a detailed map view, while the overview window shows an overview map. These interfaces have a number of benefits. First, navigation is more efficient because users may navigate using the overview window rather than using the detail window. Clicking on any of the grid cells in the overview window, the map page refreshes and the map view in the detail window shifts to the area the user has clicked on. Since all grid cells in the overview window are clickable, users can quickly jump between non-adjacent map views, without having to sequentially pan through intermediary map views.

Furthermore, the overview window aids users in keeping track of their current position in the information space, as the red grid cell marks the current map view in relation to the full extent of the map. Unfortunately, the overview window on the Amsterdam Hotspot website is rather detached from the detail window. The interactive nature of the overview window is not instantly apparent either. These drawbacks are reinforced by the proximity of the crudely designed compass widget positioned right above the detail window.