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Monday, April 9, 2012

A busy month in Open Source GIS

QGIS logo. Surely, we are very much looking forward to WhereCampEU 2012 at the end of this month, but there's so much more going on this month! Tomorrow, FOSS4G North America 2012 will kick off across the Pond in Washington DC with a very exciting programme. But also slightly closer to our home, there's the 7th QGIS Developer Meeting — or Hack Fest — in Lyon starting on Thursday April 12. Almost 30 people from the QGIS community, including our very own Richard Duivenvoorde will get together for a long weekend to bring the project further.

As we mentioned in our previous posting, WhereCampEU will nicely follow on from the Geospatial World Forum that will run from April 23th to April 27th. On the Wednesday afternoon April 25, the programme features an Open Source seminar, chaired by Just van den Broecke. Among the speakers are Arnulf Christl , Jeroen Ticheler, Chris Holmes, and Edward Mac Gillavry. Edward's presentation charts the currents that have led up to the recent revolution in web mapping, making the cartographic presentation of geographic information a unique selling point for mobile and web applications. It maps out the Open Source projects contributing to this new era of cartography and highlights the new players that currently play a significant role in online mapping. The presentation concludes with a roadmap for the future of web cartography and the role of Open Source software.

At the same time as GSWF, there's also Overheid & ICT in Utrecht, where our cooperation OpenGeoGroep will be there to show you what Open Source GIS can do for your organisation, particularly regarding the Authentic Registers. permanent link for this entry