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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dutch angle on FOSS4G Denver

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of FOSS4G 2011 in Denver! As I mentioned in my previous posting about our choice of sessions, there will be quite a few people from the OpenGeoGroep in Denver, but of course, there are more people from the Netherlands attending the conference. Check out the tweets below to keep up with their take on what's happening at FOSS4G.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

FOSS4G sessions: Webmapper's choice

FOSS4G Logo Less than a week to go until FOSS4G 2011 kicks off in Denver! Really looking forward to attending the conference after my first visit last year in Barcelona. Although it's further out this year, there will be quite a few other people from the OpenGeoGroep at the conference as well: Bart van den Eijnden, Just van den Broecke and Jeroen Ticheler.

Following the example set by Jan Willem van Eck, here's Webmapper's choice of sessions from the programme:

14 September 2011
10.00AM-10.30AMState of PostGIS — Paul Ramsey, OpenGeo
10.30AM-11.00AMMod-geocache, a fast tiling solution for the apache web server — Thomas Bonfort, Terriscope and Stephen Woodbridge
11.00AM-11.30AMTurning data into beautiful maps — Tom MacWright, Development Seed
1.00PM-1.30PMThe State of GeoServer — Justin Deoliveira, in affiliation with OpenGeo and Andrea Aime, GeoSolutions
1.30PM-2.00PMGeoServer on steroids — Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions and Andrea Aime, GeoSolutions
2.00PM-2.30PMAdvanced cartographic map rendering in GeoServer — Andrea Aime, GeoSolutions and Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions
3.00PM-3.30PMIntroducing GXP: Webmapping made easy — Bart van den Eijnden, OpenGeo
3.30PM-4.00PMCoping with INSPIRE view services: A FOSS4G compliancy comparison — Tom Ellett von Brasch, statens kartverk
4.00PM-4.30PMCartoSet, a new FOSS to create highly visual geo portals — Javier de la Torre, Vizzuality
15 September 2011
10.00AM-11.30AMTutorial: Map Caching with GeoWebCache — Gabriel Roldán, OpenGeo
1.00PM-1.30PMTechniques for distributed high-speed map tile generation using Mapnik and Node.js — Simon Tokumine, Vizzuality and Javier De La Torre, Vizzuality
1.30PM-2.00PMMapnik2GeoTools — David Winslow, OpenGeo and Alyssa Wright
2.00PM-2.30PMCloud Scalability and the OpenGeo Stack: Publishing Statewide Broadband Availability Maps — Michael Terner, Applied Geographics, Inc. and Ryan Westphal, Applied Geographics
3.00PM-3.30PMGeoKettle, the open source spatial ETL tool: overview, new features and roadmap — Dr Thierry Badard, Spatialytics
3.30PM-4.00PMWorldMap: a GIS web application for collaborative research built on the GeoNode platform — Matthew Bertrand, Harvard University and Benjamin Lewis
4.00PM-4.30PMMap design, usability and interaction — Sergio Alvarez, Vizzuality and Javier de la Torre, Vizzuality
16 September 2011
10.00AM-10.30AMHTML5 for Rich Geospatial applications on the web — Javier de la Torre, Vizzuality
10.30AM-11.00AMAdvanced Cartography for the Web — AJ Ashton, Development Seed

Admittedly, there were a few tough decisions to make in choosing one session over the other. Once there, I am pretty sure that some of the choices will change at the last moment! Anyway, it gives you pretty good insight into the work that we are doing here at Webmapper recently. Looking forward to seeing you in Denver! permanent link for this entry